Songs For The Ghosts

by The Streem

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released November 7, 2011

Music and lyrics by Dan Lazarescu
Produced by Ro Halfhide
Recorded at Ro's Crib (Amsterdam)

Dan Lazarescu - vocals, guitars, drums programming
Sjors Buiting - bass, backing vocals
Ro Halfhide - backing vocals



all rights reserved


The Streem Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Streem is a singer songwriter from Amsterdam.

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Track Name: Walk Away
Walk away from all the things that hold me down
Walk away, its time to shine
Walk away from all the lies I hear that much
Find a way and do what you like

As I'm looking around I find myself
Alone in a world so strange

I need a way to clear my head
In times like these I need comfort
I don't have too much to give
But some day I'll pay back I promise

Things that happened long time ago
You cannot change anything about them
Memories that warm I can't ignore
The dreams that will always hunt me

As I look in the mirror I find myself
The same in a world that changed

Middle Eight:
And God somehow you know the things I need to find
And God somehow you know the trials yet to come, to be done
Track Name: The Candle That Always Burns
In the rain, around the city
You'be been searching for too long
For something special, a hidden treasure
That shines a light in your life

Every day that passes by
The candle burns another drop of life
Try to make it all worthwhile
And not surrender to an easy rhyme

Distractions are at every corner
And you don't want to miss the fun
And so the day goes, another chance blowed
You can't remember where you've start
Track Name: Ready And Steady
The old man gave up the fight a long time ago
Resigned from all his dreams
He doesn't have any regrets, happy with what he has
He stopped to care at all

It's the chance he missed - too much hesitation
It's the life he pleased - wasted dreams

So you're ready and steady
For chances to be taken
The moment when they will arrive.
The comfort, the pleasures
Are slowly taking over
Remember we're passing the time

A young man searched for the truth a long time ago
Inspired by what's right
But slowly he forgot his dreams, compromised in little things
And so gave up the fight

It's the life he missed - too much isolation
The games he played - wasted days
Track Name: A Million Ways
There are a million ways to live
And a million ways to die
You can live your life while dying on inside

And when the story is not told
Because you never spoke
Who's going to tell it all when you're gone

Chorus 1:
The time to change is here
You'll never know, unless you try
Stop going round and round
To win it's not what it's all about

Chorus 2:
Some day you'll understand
How things work out, there is a plan
And when you gave up all
There was a light, at the night's end
Track Name: The Years Of Wonder
We were pure, we were young
We could travel with one song
We had energy to waste
And the time was our friend

Those were the moments we got to share
The good, the bad, the silly games
We have done the best we could
And we felt misunderstood

Happy memories or sadness
So strange how it doesn't matter
What 's left for us to treasure
It's the magic of those years of wonder

We should go on, discover more
We should believe, there's more to see
There's no reason to stop dreaming
If youll find a way to live it