by The Streem

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'Go' is The Streem's first EP.
It was launched in 2010 and contains songs composed and recorded in a mysterious house' attic somewhere in Leusden, The Netherlands.
Dan plays all the instruments except the drums which he programmed.


released July 30, 2010

Music and lyrics by Dan Lazarescu.



all rights reserved


The Streem Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Streem is a singer songwriter from Amsterdam.

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Track Name: All Behind
Is there something more
Surely there must be
You're still there waiting for
Something to achieve

The papers on the floor
Cause you're about to leave
With full bags at the door
Well that's the end of it.

Leave it all behind
It's all about your will
Don't have any doubt
It's all about the way you sing

Is there something more
You need it to believe
You're facing a new dawn
And you want go for it

The things that you have lost
Forgotten they must be
The sadness in your thoughts
And all the endless fears

So go with the flow
Do what you feel
It's time to show
The things in your mind

It's all about the way you feel
It's all about the way you sing
It's all about the way you feel
It's all about you

You feel, you sing
You know it is real
It's how it should be
Track Name: The One For Me
She's the one who cares for you
She's the one who would die for you

I want you to know when everything goes wrong
That you have to stand still, keep your hands on the wheel
I want you to see all the things the she brings
Do you remember the times alone
there was a hole

Who's gonna be
The one for me
Who's gonna stand
By my side for real

Who's gonna be
The one that I need
Who's gonna fight
To keep our dreams so real

She's the one who waits for you
To share the things just between you two
Track Name: 60 Minutes To Amsterdam
Show me the signs of the things to come
And look in the mirror to see what you have become
You cannot stop
You barely breath
Until you reach the things you want to achieve

Sixty minutes to Amsterdam
This is when the story began

It came to me without a warning
I can't deny that I'm still learning
For everything there is a reason
You have to stop and have a listen

Everything around it's so hard to grasp
Running so fast until you easily get lost
You embrace it
You believed it
You took it all with an opened heart and mind

Sixty minutes to Amsterdam
Holding our hands we crossed the line

Sixty minutes
Till we're in it
This is where the story begins

Sixty minutes
Goodbye we're leaving
This is where the story begins
Track Name: Her Way
Feeling so much the urge to cry
For all the things she can't decide
So many ways without a guide
She's losing her mind, she is defied

Now's the time to walk and talk
To make choices and not to fall
Till she consumes
All she endures

Prove the world what she has learned
The mistakes that won't return
When she comes through
Good times will roll

Like a flower that grows away from home
Many times a day she feels all alone
Finding the steps out there in the cold
She's learning her way, achieving the goals

Thinking too much of doing the right thing
The bad choice, the wrong move
So she won't regret anything

Trying to find a good way to hang on
So many thoughts, so many plans
She's wasting her time on, right now